Class Grant Applications can be submitted August 1st to September 30th & January 1st to April 30th

The grant process is as follows; After you submit an application, the application is recieved and reviewed by our staff and board of trustees on the third Thursday of every month. 

Upon approval, the applicant and their principal will be notified by email that the grant has been accepted.  A check will be sent to your school bookkeeper/secretary for the amount allocated and approved.  The funding must be spent specifically on items requested in the grant application.

The Class Grant is intended to assist teachers within the Weber School District with special projects or an innovative program that will enhance their student’s learning experience.

The Foundation will provide funding for innovative projects up to:

  • $300 per teacher
  • OR $500 per grade/department with project collaboration.
  • Funding for class grants is limited to $1500 per school per school year.

These figures are based upon available funding each year and are not a guarantee of awards. Examples of previously awarded projects include physical education equipment, mimeo boards, math and science supplies, and literacy programs. In the event a teacher transfers schools, property purchased with grant money will remain the property of the school in which the teacher was assigned to at the time the grant was approved.

If the grant does not fall within the guidelines, it will be sent back to the applicant without review.

Please do not request funding for

  • Class parties
  • Refreshments
  • T-shirts
  • Motivational speakers etc.

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