The Class Grant is intended to assist Special Education teachers within the Weber School District with special projects or an innovative program that will enhance their student’s learning experience. The Foundation will provide funding for innovative projects up to $500 per teacher.

Funding for Special Education class grants is limited to $1500 per school per school year.

The following criteria must also be met-

  1. The applicant must be a Special Education teacher currently assigned in a Special Education classroom in the Weber School District.
  2. The project funds and tools to accomplish the project must be used in the classroom and enable teachers to have greater impact on SPED students.
  3. The project funds may not be for text books, office supplies, and other things that are normally paid for out of the school or SPED budget.
  4. The project funds may not be used for items that are considered a requirement of the class by federal or state standards.
  5. The project funds may not be used for iPads.
  6. Project funds may be used for technology and software, literacy, STEM lessons, and physical activity.
  7. Each application must be approved by the SPED Director.  In addition, any technology request must be approved by the IT Director.
  8. Each applicant may request a maximum of $500.00, no match required.

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