International Science and Engineering Fair

Weber School Foundation is excited to aid these fine students with their travel expenses to Phoenix AZ. to participate in the International Science Fair. These students were selected by an independent judging panel with experience and expertise in ISEF projects. They have worked hard and are an extremely qualified group that will represent Weber School District. 


2016 Weber School District ISEF Finalist

Iris Bateman                                Bonneville High School
Causes and Effects of Stress in Adolescents

Katee Hughes                               Bonneville High School
Have a Good Meal-Worm

Christian Marriott                          Bonneville High School
Creating a Cleaner Atmosphere With Zeolite: Using Molecular Sieves to Purify the Air We Breathe

Riley Midgley and Tyler Staten       Bonneville High School
Analysis of Acidic and Basic Catalysts on the Transesterification of Wasted Grease

Matthew Staten                            TH Bell Jr. High School
The Impact of Triclosan in Antibacterial Toothpaste on the Ecology of the Flora in the Oral Cavity