STEM Fair Winners

On February 25, 2016, the Weber School District celebrated students during an awards ceremony to honor STEM fair participants. The Weber School Foundation sponsored the cash awards and students took home over $500 in cash prizes. The following students took first place in their respective categories.


SR. Botany

Jaden Ficklin

Weber High

SR. Chemistry

Riley Midgley

Tyler Staten

Bonneville High

SR. Earth Science

McKenna Montgomery

T. H. Bell Jr. High

SR. Energy & Transportation

Josie Phipps

Fremont High

SR. Engineering

Christian Marriott

Bonneville High

SR. Environmental

Katee Hughes

Bonneville High

SR. Ptolemy Math

Emily Good

Snowcrest Jr. High

SR. Medical Health

Abigail Gibson

Bonneville High

SR. Microbiology

McKenna Burton

Bonneville High

SR. Physics

Braden Radle

North Ogden Jr. High

SR. Social & Behavioral

Iris Bateman

Bonneville High

SR. Zoology

Heather, Vielstich

Weber High


JR. Botany

Sophia Herrick                              

Uintah Elementary

JR. Chemistry

Janika Bronson                            

Kanseville Elementary

JR. Earth Science

Phoebe Booth

South Ogden Jr. High

JR. Energy & Transportation

Madalyn Keyes

Majestic Elementary

JR. Engineering

Kevin Angulo

Sand Ridge Jr. High

Peirce Dickamore

Sand Ridge Jr. High

JR. Environmental

Mckayla Tingey

North Ogden Jr. High

JR. Math/Computer Science

Darren Skidmore

Roosevelt Elementary

JR. Medical Health

Hailie Grieco

Hooper Elementary

JR. Microbiology

Jacey Hopkin

Sand Ridge Jr. High

JR. Physics

Jialin Wu

Sand Ridge Jr. High

JR. Social & Behavioral

Gavin Douglas

Hooper Elementary

Cragun Mccloy

Hooper Elementary

JR. Zoology

Sanders Carrigan

T.H. Bell Jr. High

Some of these students may have an opportunity to participate in The INTEL National Science Fair in Phoenix Arizona. If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please contact Chris Zimmerman @This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 801-476-7827