Cragun Citizenship Award Recipients

2016 Cragun Citizenship Awards were announced this week!

In 1988, The Weber School District Foundation opened doors for giving which made it possible for exciting happenings. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cragun made a substantial contribution in the form of an endowment. The earned interest from the endowment is used on an annual basis to implement the “Earl B. and Mildred R. Cragun Citizenship Award.”

Mr. Cragun, who served for many years as a principal in the Weber School District, had a strong interest in promoting good citizenship among our youth.

Each year, the award recipients are chosen by the respective schools principal. The principal chooses a male and a female who exemplify good behavior. These students are recognized and given a certificate and $25 cash award.

A quote from the award best characterizes this program:You are the recipient of this certificate and cash award. You have won the respect of so many whom you have impressed with your good example and the consistent display of good manners, courtesies and cooperation.  We urge you to always be a leader, influence your friends to respect all others, and to help maintain good schools, fine communities and a great America.  In doing this you will indeed find joy, success and happiness.

The following students are the 2016 Cragun Citizenship Award Recipients:


“If every teacher in every school in America could teach his/her pupils to really live, to work, to play, to share and to think putting ambition into their very souls, they would become the greatest citizenry of America. Each teacher is responsible for the destiny of our great land because of the powerful influence they possess. All other professions grow from the results of the teaching profession. “ Earl B. Cragun