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Class Grants

Class Grants are intended to assist teachers with special projects or an innovative program that will enhance students’ learning experience. Weber School Foundation partnered with Donors Choose to stretch funding dollars with matching grants. Requested items will be shipped directly to schools and thousands of items are available on the DonorsChoose website. Please complete the DonorsChoose application and then complete the Class Grant Application. You will need the project URL from DonorsChoose. If you are not using DonorsChoose, please put NA in the project URL box. School Principals will be reviewing and approving applications.


The Foundation will provide/match funding for projects up to:

$500 per teacher classroom or

$750 for secondary project collaboration

Funding is limited to $2,250 per school per school year


In the event a teacher transfers schools. Property purchased with grant money will remain at the school the teacher was assigned when the grant was approved.

The Foundation will not approve funding for:

  • IT and software
  • class parties
  • candy or incentives
  • professional development
  • t-shirts
  • unapproved curriculum

Class Grant Applications can be submitted:

  • August 1st to September 30th
  • January 4th to April 30th

Please apply on the DonorsChoose website first as you will need your grant link to apply on the Foundation link below.

Classroom Grant Application

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