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Homeless Teen Centers

Weber School District students have access to the Two Rivers Teen Center, a center for homeless students where they can have a safe space while working through homelessness or less-than-ideal home situations.

Students who would like to use the Teen Center should speak with their school counselor.

A Message from the Weber School Foundation Board President

Springtime is here. As a symbol of new beginnings, Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons. A chance to declutter, a rebirth and an excitement for warmer weather ahead. It is also a time to reflect on the school year and the many exciting things happening in our district. Two Rivers High School Teen Center has now been operating for over seven months and you’ll enjoy reading the many success stories that are happening daily.

Spring also marks the planning stages and beginning of the construction stage for our Bonneville High and Roy High Teen Centers. Through generous donations from Christmas Tree Jubilee, community partnerships, and state grant funding, these projects are funded and set to open during the 2024/2025 school year. But there’s still more to be done. Many more of these crucial teen centers are needed at all of our high schools, and with your continued support, I know we can make it happen.

Thank you for your partnership and friendship with our district. We know great things are ahead.

All the best,

Jen Dunyon

Ashley Irazoqui, Two Rivers Teen Center Advocate, shared the following:

When the Two Rivers Teen Center first opened, about 40-50 students accessed the space each day. We are now averaging about 30 students per day. They love every single part of the Teen Center. Students feel safe here, and they utilize everything we have to offer. For some, this place is their home away from home and for others it's the only place they can call a home.

Every resource available at the teen center, from the quiet calming rooms to the shower and laundry facilities, are utilized daily. The support provided by the student advocate and teachers, along with fun activities like the foosball table, are highly valued, with the food pantry being particularly essential.

Students can access the teen center based on their individual needs. Some come before and after school, other schedule time during the school day. Here are a few stories of how the services offered in the teen center are helping our students.

A student who was kicked out of his home by his parents and has been couch surfing for a while. He is simply trying to get by the best he can while working to graduate. When he shows up to school, he will get his work done, chat a little bit, eat, and then take a nap in the quiet room before having to leave.

We have another student who uses our showers at least twice a week. She lives in a home with multiple cats and unfortunately comes to school with her clothes smelling like cat urine. She uses the Teen Center to shower and change into clean clothes that have been donated. She is then able to wash her clothes for the week and keep them in a locker and can change before school daily.

Another student who transferred back to Roy High still comes to the Teen Center on the days he attends O-Tech to access the food pantry. He grabs something to eat and will take food and other household items home for his family.

As a student advocate, I work to connect students with additional community resources like the Department of Workforce Services, housing, Food Stamps and insurance. In addition, I help student’s complete resumes, college applications, scholarships and FAFSA.

Teen Center Construction Progress

By the end of the next school year all High Schools in Weber School District will have operational Teen Centers.

Bonneville Teen Center

Construction on the Bonneville TC officially began on February 19, and is progressing nicely. Drywall will be complete by early April and finishes will begin shortly after. Completion is scheduled for early June with a ribbon cutting scheduled for later that month (see Floor Plan and progress pics).

Roy Teen Center

Currently bidding with sub-contractors and vendors, we anticipate an early May Construction start and an August completion.

Weber and Fremont Teen Centers

Both in the early stages of design and planning.

Homelessness in Weber County schools impacts 1,600 families and 901 students

Many students in Weber School District are facing challenges that impact their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. According to a 2020 assessment by the Ogden Civit Action Network at Weber State University, 1 in 5 (38%) children in Weber County are facing food insecurity. A National Center for Educational Statistics study shows that graduation rates for students experiencing homelessness are 20% lower than overall student graduation impacts. We have a clear and present need in Weber County and an opportunity to impact the lives of our students in important and measurable ways.

Your generous support will help build a teen center in each Weber School District high school

Weber School District Teen Centers will be a safe haven for all students where they can shower, do laundry, access the Internet, receive academic support, connect with a caring adult, and feel welcome and accepted in a judgment-free zone.

Teen Center Services

  • On site Family Support Worker (FSW)
  • FAFSA Assistance and guidance
  • Connection to OWTC/DATC programs and scholarships
  • Weber/Morgan Health Department Services
  • Weber Human Services Programs
  •  Catholic Community Services and other community partner programs
  • Job Opportunities

Teen Center Amenities

  • Private shower/bathroom
  • Hygiene supplies
  • Space for hair/make-up
  • Multiple washers/dryers
  • Food pantry/microwave/refrigerator
  • Food prep area
  • Dedicated study space
  • Private rooms to study, sleep or meet with staff
  • Lockers for basic essentials